ARTICLE 1. Rental Agreement: By renting equipment from Whoop BV, you agree to the terms of this rental agreement. This agreement covers all rental periods and any extensions or renewals of the rental. The rental agreement commences as soon as the customer gives their agreement to rent.

ARTICLE 2. Rental Period: The rental period begins on the date the equipment is picked up and ends on the date the equipment is returned. Late fees may be charged for equipment returned after the agreed rental period. If the rented item is returned earlier, the agreed price will be paid.

ARTICLE 3. Rental Fees: Rental charges are based on the rental period. Installation, disassembly and cleaning of the rented materials are free of charge. Payment is always made at the time of installation. At that time, a deposit will also be required at the time of rental before the equipment is released to the renter. The deposit is refunded upon return of the rented equipment, minus any damages or charges due. The deposit is not a limit on damage brought to the roof box, bike rack(s) and/or roof racks.

ARTICLE 4. Condition of Equipment: The equipment is rented in good working condition and must be returned in the same condition. Any damage, missing parts or excessive wear and tear may result in additional charges. Before departure, inspection will be done by both parties.

ARTICLE 5. Use of Equipment: The equipment is to be used only for its intended purpose and in accordance with all safety and operating instructions provided by Whoop BV. The renter is responsible for any injury or damage resulting from improper use or operation of the equipment. The roof box may not be removed/moved during the rental period. Before using snow chains, we always recommend, to also read your car instruction booklet first. Some cars require single sided snow chains, or socks. This responsibility lies with the renter. Whoop BV as the rental company only provides the requested size of snow chains.

ARTICLE 6. Insurance: The renter is responsible for obtaining the necessary insurance for the equipment during the rental period. Whoop BV is not liable for any damage, loss or injury incurred by the renter or any third party during the rental period. Both the roof rack, bike rack(s) and roof box are accompanied by 1 key during the period of rental. Always lock the suitcase: Whoop BV is in no case liable in case of loss or theft.

ARTICLE 7. Indemnification: The renter agrees to indemnify Whoop BV against all claims, damages, losses or expenses resulting from the use or operation of the equipment by the renter.

ARTICLE 8. If the renter wishes to have his own equipment installed by Whoop BV (e.g. Renter has his own roof box, but rents roof racks from Whoop BV) the renter bears full responsibility of the equipment. Whoop BV cannot be held liable for any damage on own equipment. In addition, there may be a surcharge for installing the renter’s own equipment.

ARTICLE 8. Cancellation and Refund: Reservations may be cancelled with prior notice and up to 48 hours prior to the agreed installation date without a cancellation fee. Cancellation within 48 hours before the scheduled departure date: 20€ rental fee for lost revenue.

ARTICLE 9. Governing Law: This Rental Agreement is governed by the laws of the state or province in which WHOOP BV is located (1730 Asse).

ARTICLE 10. Entire Agreement: This Rental Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Whoop BV and the lessee and supersedes all previous agreements, understandings and negotiations. Any amendment to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.

ARTICLE 11: Speed: The speed limit for a car with a roof box or ski box is the same as for cars without a box. We recommend a maximum speed of 130 km/h. Also, do not exceed (if applicable) the speed limit recommended by the government. Also on the German Autobahn.

ARTICLE 12: Damage cases: If material is damaged or not returned the following damage calculations apply.

Roof box damage:

 Superficial scratch damage: 10% new-for-old value.

 Deeper scratch damage (noticeable): 20% new-for-old value

 Holes due to rivet breakout on lid: 30% new value

 Cracks, small tears (smaller than credit card): 50% new value

 Total loss or theft: holes, large cracks: 80% new value

Loss of key: 15€ per key.


Roof rack damage: 

Loss of parts or piece: replacement price according to official Thule price list. Loss of key: 15€/key