Installation is done by Whoop. Boxes and bars are installed for free.

Paymens happens as agreed during reservation: cash at installation or upfront on the bank account (IBAN: BE02 7360 2786 5740).

The caution is not a limit on the damage caused on the roof bars and/or boxes. Please reserve 1 week upfront, to guarantee there is the desired equipment available for your car. As well, return the material on the agreed date, to avoid extra costs and problems for other people renting after you.

The rented material has to be maintained good as possible.

When the rented equipment is returned earlier than expected, the agreed price is paid. Before departure, control is done by both parties to avoid discussions on later damage, which may impact the caution.

Whoop is not responsible for damage to your car during the rented period. Both roof bar and roof box have 1 key for the period of renting. Always close the box: in no case is Whoop responsible for theft or loss.

The tenant is responsible for due diligence and for an insurance for the equipment rented (not mandatory). The caution is returned after returning the rented equipment, in case of no damage to the material. The caution is paid at installation.

The rented equipment has to be returned on the agreed date. In case too late, contact me asap.

The maximum speed for a car with a roof box or ski box is the same as for cars without a suitcase. We recommend a maximum speed of 130 km / h. Also, do not exceed (if applicable) the government recommended speed limit. Also on the German Autobahn.