Equipment from Thule for hire


We rent out roof racks, roof boxes, bicycle racks and snow chains.

Including a secure and free installation, so you can go on vacation worry-free.

For a free quote, complete the Quote form. We send you a quote & availability within 24 hours.

All this from Thule at the best price, with advice and service.

For whom?

Anyone who needs temporary equipment, for example:

  • Need extra space while traveling?
  • Are you planning a cycling weekend?
  • Your ski’s don’t fit in a temporary car?
  • Small children and lack of space?
  • Your dog confiscates the car trunk?


I have noticed that (leasing) drivers always have to invest in expensive roof racks when changing cars.

Secondly, there’s also the storage of a large roof box, which is unused the rest of the year.

We’re located in the center of Belgium (in Asse), between Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels.


from €3.5/day

Thule roof racks available for most cars. Make a reservation on time!

from €6.5/day

5 different types of Thule roof boxes. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice.

from €6.5/day

You can also carry up to 4 bikes on the roof. 2 types from Thule available.

from €2.5/day

In several European countries, snow chains are mandatory in the event of snow. Do not forget them!

What does it cost to rent?

Calculate yourself!

Select the rental-period, the equipment you need and how much it will cost you:


  • Roof box + bars
    Roof box + bars € 10

    Day 1-14: €10/day
    Day 15-21: +€7.5/day
    Afterwards: +€2/day

  • Roof box
    Roof box € 6.5

    Day 1-14: €6.5/day
    Day 15-21: +€5/day
    Afterwards: +€1/day

  • Roof bars
    Roof bars € 5

    Day 1-14: €5/day
    Day 15-21: +€2.5/day
    Afterwards: +€1/day

  • Bike carrier
    Bike carrier € 2.5

    1-2 bike carrier(s): € 2.5/day
    3-4 bike carriers: € 5/day

  • Tire chains
    Tire chains € 2.5

    € 2.5/day

All displayed prices are including 21% Tax.


During the school holidays, it is recommended to book 4 weeks in advance.
You can make a reservation by filling out the quote form. We send you a custom price offer. You confirm via mail a
nd we agree on a date / time for installation and return. It’s as simple as that! 

When is your next vacation?

days till Christmas 23
days till 21/July
days till 15/Aug