Looking for a bike carrier on your car roof?

Don’t search any further! Why buy, if you can rent?
We’ve got 2 types of bike carriers for the car roof available for rent: Thule Freeride 532 and the Thule Proride 598.

Thule Freeride 532 bikecarrier on the roof

The Thule Freeride 532 can easily carry bikes (children, adult, racebike, citybike, mountainbike, …) with a frame of 22mm to 80mm. If possible, share your frame size upon reservation. For bikes of maximum 17kg weight.

Thule Proride 598 bike carrier on the roof

The Thule Proride 598 can also easily carry standard bikes with a frame of 22mm to 80mm, and a maximum weight of 20kg. This is one is more suggested with carbon bikes

How many bikes can I carry on my roof?

You can take up to 4 bikes on a set of roof bars. Both Proride and Freeride have got both wheels on the bike carrier.

We place them front-back-front-back, to avoid that the steering wheels would touch.

Depending on the size, you can also take one roof box and 2 bike carriers with you.

Note: handle with care, to avoid contract between the opened box and the bike pedals.

What is the cost price?

The rental price for a bike carrier is:

  • 1 bike carrier:  €3/day. 
  • 2 bike carriers: €5/day.
  • 3 bike carriers:  €7/day.
  • 4 bike carriers:  €9/day.

All displayed prices are including 21% Tax. The bike carriers are locked on a set of roof bars (optional). 
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