The Pacific 200 is good looking, well made and comes in a smart glossy black finish. It’s a popular size for people who still need to carry bikes on the roof but don’t want a longer box. It offers a very useful saving over the Thule Motion 200 without sacrificing much in the way of quality.

Key features and specifications:

  • Dual Side opening so you can choose to use it on either side of the vehicle, and to make for easier fitting and removal.
  • There’s a Thule ‘One Key System’ compatible central locking system on each side of the box.
  • “Fast-Grip” box to bar fittings. You just turn each wheel to draw the fitting claws around the roof bars, making this box easy to fit to both standard steel and aluminium roof bars. Maximum dimensions 80mm wide by 30mm deep. Fast-Grips also make it easier to fit boxes to unusual shaped manufacturers’ “own brand” bars, but these bars must be symmetrical in shape for the Fast-Grips to work properly.
  • If you’re using aerobars, and want to maximise the space in the box, we recommend that you remove these fittings (remove one screw and they lift out very easily) and instead use Thule’s T-track aerobar adapters which provide an invisible box to bar fitting as well as allowing you to make full use of the box capacity. If you’re using Atera, Thule or Whispbars you will need the 697-4 adapters. If you have car manufacturer’s branded bars with a slot in the top of them, check the pop-up links below to work out which adapters to buy.
  • Box weight 13kg. Before loading the box, check your vehicle’s maximum permitted loading limit, taking into account the weight of the roof bars, the weight of the box, and the weight of the contents.
  • Dimensions: External 178cm x 82cm x 45cm. Internal 172cm x 76cm x it depends on what you pack, and where, and whether you use Power Grips or aerobar adapters.
  • Carrying skis? The Pacific 200 will hold 5 to 7 pairs of skis, maximum length 155cm. There’s a ski carrier accessory, part no. 694800, shown below.
  • Roof bar geometry: The minimum distance between roof bar centres is 55cm, the maximum distance 95cm.
  • Fitting tips: A box is generally easier to load and unload if it’s fitted towards the edge of a vehicle; you’ll probably always be stretching if you fit it centrally. If you want to keep your roof box in pristine condition, don’t place or store it on tarmac, gravel or concrete.
  • Packing tips: Our general advice on packing roof boxes is that bags / grips are much easier than suitcases. And if you can’t get your child’s buggy in the box, which is probably what you’d hoped for, and why you purchased a particular box, put the buggy in the boot and the luggage in the box. “I’ve bought the biggest box and my buggy doesn’t fit” is a frequent complaint!”